Using the bot as a service

I decided to provide the bot as a free service going forward. Feel free to invite the bot to your discord server and use it as you please. Please reach out if something doesn’t work for you.

This service is provided to the best of my ability. I can not guarantee that the bot is available 24/7. I also reserve the right to prohibit you from using the bot at any time if there is any suspicion of misuse.

Discord only allows an app to be installed on at most 100 discord servers. In order to join more than 100 server, the app developer has to verify their identity and add a privacy policy and terms of use for their app. Discord does this to ensure that developers operating software at scale on their platform are real and trustworthy. However, I’m not eager to send discord a qualifying identity document just to provide my little bot as a service. All that just means that you won’t be able to add Jarvis to your discord server if it’s already installed on 100 server. Once that happens, you will have to self-host. The bot is currently installed on about 95 servers.

Setup Guide

  1. Invite Jarvis (the bot) to your discord server.
  2. Create a new channel that is dedicated for the status embed.
  3. Restrict the permissions for the new channel so that members of your server can read messages but can not post anything in there. This includes the following permissions:
    • View Channel
    • Read Message History
  4. Ensure that Jarvis is allowed to read and write to the channel. This includes the following permissions:
    • View Channel
    • Send Messages
    • Embed Links
    • Manage Messages
    • Read Message History
  5. Ensure that ListOnSteam in ServerHostSettings.json is set to true. This is required for the status embed to work.
  6. Find the IP Address and Query Port of your V Rising server. Battlemetrics might come in handy here.
  7. Navigate to the channel that you created in step 2 and use the /add-server command. Discord will ask you for a server-hostname and server-query-port. This is where you enter the IP Address and Query Port that you determined in the previous step.
  8. Jarvis will respond with a message telling you that you’ve successfully added your first status monitor for your V Rising server.
  9. Now you only need to wait a minute for the status display to appear.

If no status embed appears after 2 minutes, use the /get-server-details command with the id that Jarvis gave you in step 7. This will give you a detailed error message of what went wrong. In most cases, it simply means that the IP Address or Query Port are incorrect. You can always change them using the /update-server command. Feel free to check the commands documentation for details.


If you have questions or need support, feel free to join this discord server.